A Brave New World for Bitcoin

People have been adapting to the era of bitcoin quite well. A lot of the people that I know have learned how to trade bitcoin and use apps on their phones to do it. Back when I was a kid, something like this would have been hard to even imagine. Kids these days are growing up in an environment with bitcoin being everywhere, and I can only imagine how things will be 20 years from now, when they’ve grown up. I find it comparable to how stock trading became easier for everyone after being able to do it on the Internet.

I’ve been able to fund my education with the profit that I’ve gotten from bitcoin trading. I haven’t had to take out a loan once because all of my expenses have been taken care of with trading. In order to get enough profit to pay for my education, I had to make a lot of trades. Sometimes I made some bad ones that left me with a loss, but I was able to rebound by waiting for the market to get to a good point and trading again. There’s a lot of time and patience that has to be put into trading.

I know a few people who have quit their jobs because they use bitcoin trading as a full time job. While I do like the profit that I’ve gotten from trading, I don’t think that I could quit a job to do it, unless it was a job that I really hated. If I’m going to go through all of the trouble to make sure that I get a career, I don’t want to give it up so easily. I would still work and trade bitcoin. The bitcoin profit would be a supplement to my main source of income.

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